U15 9th Grade (2023) > Coach Jess

Coaches' Bio 

Assistant Coach: Dee Smith

Email : d_smithmajor96@yahoo.com

Team Roster 

  1. Parents to be parents, not coaches
  2. Cheering for your daughters is important and yields greater success
  3. Players to bond outside of basketball (½ a month)
  4. Respect not only for the coaches but for each other, your daughters, the organization and most importantly yourself
  5. Open communication if/ when there is a problem
  6. Sportsmanship
  7. Players = HEAT
    1. Hustle
    2. Effort
    3. Attitude
    4. Teamwork​

Head Coach: Jessica Presley

Email :jpresleywebbuilding@gmail.com

The oldest AAU establishment in Virginia
Partnered with Adidas

Team Goals

Coaches' Bio 

  • Most importantly: Players to have fun
  • Develop each player to their fullest potential on and off the courts
  • Assist in creating bonds between teammates and coaches to develop chemistry 
  • Compete to our highest potential at USJN, War of the Roses and other competitive tournaments

Team Expectations