6th Grade

    Coach Delaney

  • Cell: TBA
  • Email: TBA

7th Grade 

  Coach Pinkard

  Coach Presley

  • Cell: 804-350-7599
  • Email: juliepinkard@aol.com

2016-2017 Blaze Coaching Staff

9th Grade (Goad)

     Coach Goad 

     Coach Townsend

  • Cell: 804-389-5122
  • Email: crystalgoad7@yahoo.com


    Coach Ware 

  • Cell: Currently unavailable 
  • Email: mware@essexbank.com

 11th Grade

      Coach Sherod 

  • Cell: 804-334-2447
  • Email: edsherod@st.catherines.org

Contact Us ! 

We want to hear from you. Whether it is about wanting a child to play or feedback on what you would like to see. "It takes a village."

​- President Daphne Presley


High School

The oldest AAU establishment in Virginia
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Coaches Coordinator

Julie Pinkard

Cell: 804-350-7599
Email: juliepinkard@aol.com

Middle School and Below

11th Grade

    Coach Greg 

  • Cell: 804-539-6414
  • Email:  greg.beckwith@adidas.com