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Online Payment 

As a non-profit organization, James River strives to provide a platform for each and every one of our girls the ability to compete on the next level if they do so choose to continue both their academic and athletic career. In addition to annual player fees, we do ask for donations and sponsors to help us achieve our goal. 100% of the money that we received is used of the organization mission and teams.

Your contribution will help to assist with funding the operational costs of James River Blaze, including the cost of gymnasium space, team equipment, tournament fees, etc, in order to keep registration fees affordable, as well as support efforts to provide scholarship support for needy families. James River Blaze is a volunteer, community-based, non-profit organization and your contribution is tax deductible.

All coaches and staff members volunteer their time to support our teams and players. No position held within this organization receives compensation of any type from the organization.

We are currently transitioning to an online payment system that is a more safe and secure method to collect payments and donations. 

We would love to publicly thank our yearly sponsors and partners!