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5th Grade

James River Blaze will be enforcing the mandatory AAU Handbook dress code for our annual state tournament this year for both players and coaches. 


  • ​​Collar Shirt
  • ​No loose or baggy pants 
  • Outside of religious headwear no headwear is to be worn during games 
  • ​No sunglasses during the game unless for medical reasons​
  • ​Closed toed shoes


  • ​All gear ( headbands, arm sleeves, leg sleeves) must be white, black, or the predominant color of the uniform.
  • ​No jewelry or other accessories during the game.


7th Grade

Champions :Grundy Gladiators

Runner-Up :VA-D1SA Spartans 

Dress Code

Champions :Hard 2 Guard 

Runner-Up :Rock It

8th Grade

6th Grade

James River Division II States Page

Champions :James River Blaze

Runner-Up :Black Widows 

James River Blaze 2019 Division II Winners 

James River Blaze is proud to announce that we will be holding our annual Division II State Tournament the weekend of May 3rd-5th. On this page, we hope to provide you with all of the information you will need. 

Champions :James River Blaze

Runner-Up :SQBA Lady Effort

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